No, Nothing. Nevermind

by Superhaunted

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This album was written, recorded and produced at Miller House (a.k.a Tetra HQ a.k.a. Arsenio Hall) in Miami, Fl.


released June 12, 2014

Written and performed by Nick Nottebaum, Andre Alvarez and Matt Dobrzranski.
Engineered by Lon Beshiri (Tetra Records)
Guest guitar on "After After Party" by Andrew "Andy" Anaya.
Vocal Harmonies by Oscar Sosa.
Special thanks to Patric Maseri for helping us out. We owe you one buddy.



all rights reserved


Superhaunted Miami, Florida

Superhaunted is
Nick Nottebaum
Andre Alvarez
Matt Dobrzanski

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Track Name: .22
I'm gonna trash this room
Won't stop 'till I see you
I'm gonna trash this room
Won't stop 'till I crash through you.

Take it to the room when you come through
I'm strapped to the barrel of a .22
Read the letter I wrote when you come to
I glued it to the mirror that you swung through.

I can't see the point in choosing
Anybody else but you
Can't stand the thought of every losing
Anybody else but you.

Leaning out to pull you in
is like cold hands on
a sunburn.
Leaning out to pull you in
is like cold hands on
Sunburned skin.

I'm staying in tonight to get my head right.
Track Name: Saline
Wait forever
For you to get back home
Wait forever
For you to get back home
To me

It's just a chemical reaction
When you're missing the one that you love
It's a human condition
We just want to be loved.

Don't say
What you don't mean
I filled my veins with whiskey and saline

Don't stand
Too close to me
I wanna breathe
I gotta bleed
I gotta breath
I wanna.

Tell you what it feels like to be anywhere but where you want to be.
It's not a place it's a time and I go there constantly.

ooh ahh ooo ooo oohhyuhhh~
tell me where have you been-uh
ooOh aahaA ooooOOoOOooOoO
Track Name: Wishing Well
Try to glue my mouth to the palm of my hand
And cross my fingers back again
She said "there's more moves to this dance,
that we haven't learned just yet."

I find it hard to believe
That the only thing I've taken is that
Blow to my head.
I find it hard to sleep
When everything is shaking and I'm
In over my head

Shallow as a wishing well
I said "thanks for nothing"
And I wish you'd fell.

It's slow,
But we're doing fine
We can learn to fight each other without losing time
Track Name: Thunderstorm
Oh I don't mind if you're sleeping here
If you don't mind that I'm near
And I don't care
What you wanna hear
Just please let me know if I'm unclear

If we could find a way to make this a bit easier on our hearts
And mend the way we've fallen apart.

Oh I don't mind if you're sleeping here.
If you don't mind that I'm near.
You were late last night and what you commandeered hang high and dry
Above your ears

Fell asleep in a thunderstorm
Just woke up to noise I couldn't ignore
And I bet I look like hell
When are you coming home?

Oh I'm inclined to keep laying here.
Track Name: High & Mighty
Whats the worst thing I could say in this situation?
Just give me the right words, I'll find the wrong time to say them.
Like clockwork but worse because I can't find the words
Quit leaning on me.
Leaning on me.

Whats the fastest way to your heart?
Whats the most sarcastic way to call it quits and move on?
And move on.
Now I'm watching you watch me and you don't see a thing.
Now I'm watching you watch me and you don't see a thing.

I'm playing hide and seek
With a certain kind of jealous
I know i'm high and mighty sometimes.

So I'll get old
Try not to raise my kids on Rock 'n Roll.
Try not to love the things I loved before.
Try to ignore what I've been searching for
Try not to love the things I loved before.
Track Name: After After Party
Don't wanna talk about your problems
Don't wanna talk about how this all will end
Don't wanna talk about what you did when you left last night
Don't wanna talk about any of this.

But if you wanna come over, you should do it now.
I'll be listening to Fisto and rockin' out.
And I could use the company.
You sound like you could use some comforting.

I could use the company.
And you know where to find me.

I want nothing more than
A home with a pleasant view.
Something to believe in
Something that i know is true.

If we get through this we're golden.
The answers in the key you're holding.
If home is where the heart is.
Home is where I need to be.


Do you believe in me?
'Cause I won't stop until it's over
I won't stop until you see
That you're just scared and lonely.
Track Name: Flight Risk
It's funny how one little papercut
Can make you realize how much you use your fingers
And how far we've fallen out of touch.

I've been, missing out
Chasing you instead of looking around.
I guess that I should just head home.
I guess I'll never know.
I guess I'll never know.
I guess we'll never know.
I guess we'll never know.

Here's to the ones we wish we never met.
Here's to the ones that we haven't met yet.

I've been standing at the bottom waiting for you to come down.

I swear I meant it.
I swear I meant everything

Pretend you never left home again.
Pretend you never said anything you said.

I need some time to myself
We all do
I don't blame you for ever wanting something more
For yourself
We all do
I hope to god you find exactly what you're looking for.
Track Name: Crooked Teeth
I guess it's true
What they say
You can't forget the things you loved once
And pushed away

For some time now
I've had the same fucking dreams
For some time now
You're dressed in purple and green

For some time now
I'm bound up and weak at the knees
For some time now
Parasitic thoughts, turn into words
And get the best of me.

I guess I'm fragile and weak
I guess I'm not what I seem
Bound up and weak at the knees.
Parasitic thoughts turn into words
And get the best of me

Chances are
There's no chance at all
Change is waiting at the front door leave it unlocked

The smell it ties me in knots and my words are weaving
Through my crooked teeth because my jaw is locked
And I can't help but wonder if I'm breathing
because my lungs are still and my heart is stopped.

I'm not afraid of anything.
Track Name: Anaconda Squeeze
Take a shortcut
To pass through
You say you will
But you never do.

Taped to the back of a postcard
I can't send you
Is a name and address to
Write back to.

You've got two lazy eyes that never seem
To look different ways or at me
And I tried to talk to you in the backseat
When we were plowing through the grove at 60.